Afro Diddle Dandy

Here is another gem within a drum rudiment.

Double Paradiddle






For fun I call this the Afro Diddle and boy is it a dandy!  Play the R hand on a cowbell or cymbal bell and the L hand (ghost strokes) on the snare drum.  Play in 6/8 or 12/8 time signature and see how similar this rudiment is to the Afro Cuban 6/8 bell pattern.

Now play the same pattern and when you get to the last L hand, instead play a R hand.  So we would change the rudiment by one sticking.

R L R L R R   L R L R L R

So now we simply have a Double Paradiddle combined with a Sextuplet.

Repeat this combination multiple times.  Do you hear the Afro bell pattern?

Enjoy playing around with this idea and also go check out some Afro Cuban music and hear how the bell pattern is placed in the music.


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